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The Dig review – unearthing history and righting wrongs with this cinematic marvel

Outtake Magazine, February 2021

Carey Mulligan proves once again that she is an actress on top of her game.

End of the Century review – an Argentinian love story worth remembering

Outtake Magazine, March 2020

Simultaneously awkward, loving and sensuous, End of the Century teases the audience with a sincere and imperfect love story that’s easy to root for, despite its flaws.

Gay Couple
Chicken Basket

LKFF: Extreme Job review – comedy at its finest

Outtake Magazine, November 2019

Considering the raging success Lee Byeong-heon’s Extreme Job experienced in South Korea, it should come as no surprise that its U.K premiere would see the auditorium filled.

Composer Trevor Gureckis discusses scoring The Goldfinch and working with John Crowley

Outtake Magazine, September 2019

Trevor Gureckis, an award-winning composer, takes his first steps into Hollywood with the Warner Bros and Amazon Studio adaptation of Donna Tartt’s popular novel, ‘The Goldfinch’.

Cat in Basket

A Whisker Away review – sweet anime perfect for newbies & veterans alike

Outtake Magazine, June 2020

A quirky yet sweet anime that’s sure to touch your heartstrings.

How to travel Malta on a student budget

The National Student, August 2019

The Maltese Islands have great weather, an abundance of history and crystal clear water in all directions. There is something for everyone, whether that is solo travellers, families, or groups of friends.

Marsaxlokk Malta
Edinburgh City

How to spend 72 hours in Edinburgh this summer

The National Student, August 2019

Whether you are going to the Fringe or not, Edinburgh is an ideal destination to visit this summer. It's packed with history, culture and eye-catching sights, and there are some must-do activities for your time in this historic city.

Top 10 sites to see in Jerusalem

The National Student, June, 2018

While the religious importance of the city is undeniable, Jerusalem offers so much more! Delicious food, mesmerising sites and exhilarating markets are all available in the heart of Isreal.

Old City Jerusalem
Image by Oana Cristina

Interview: Hannah Witton on sex and breaking stigmas

The National Student, June 2018

Funny, bright and utterly unafraid, she's willing to tackle anything with a smile on her channel. Sex? Yep. Contraception? She's done it. Period products? Obviously. Trust us, her video on menstrual cups is a comedic (and informative) delight you didn't know you needed.

Six ways to travel without hurting the environment

The National Student, April 2018

With more and more Brits travelling abroad, it is imperative that we respect the places we visit and inflict as little damage during our stay as possible.

Travel Polaroids
Environment Activists Protest

Five simple steps to becoming more eco friendly this Earth Day

The National Student, April 2018

It sounds dramatic I know. How can you have any significant impact on the planet, or on the damage being done to it, just by making a few small changes? You're only one person after all. However, if everyone makes even just one small change in their life, it can have a huge impact!

On the eighth day of Christmas... visit Prague

The National Student, December 2017

Whilst Prague is beautiful all year round, it truly comes alive in winter, especially during the run-up to Christmas.

Image by Anthony DELANOIX
TV Screens

TV Review: Tin Star (Season 1)

The National Student, October 2017

Tin Star will make you question everything, revealing the dark underbelly of humanity and our true capabilities when pushed. Love and vengeance rule this show, rocking the small town that it is set in, and unnerving the audience who can too easily sympathise with the motivations of even the most evil character.

Fighting hate: What to do if you are a victim of a hate crime

The National Student, August 2017

Hate crimes are despicable, and in this day and age it seems ridiculous that they still occur, but what do you do if you find yourself the target of one?

Crime Scene Tape

Grace Victory talks all things taboo

The National Student, July 2017

Award-Winning Vlogger and TV Presenter, Grace Victory has shot to fame over the last 4 years, inspiring millions of viewers through her honest exploration of depression, body image and other mental health issues.

Speaking to The National Student about the release of her new book ‘No Filter’, Grace explains what drove her to write it and what she hopes to pass on to her fans.

Brexit hasn't just divided society, it has divided families as well

The National Student, June, 2017

It is undeniable that Brexit has divided the United Kingdom, with people identifying 'remain' or 'leave' more than they do with any political party. Yet when discussing division most people focus on society as a whole. 

What few seem interested in discussing is how the referendum has affected families, and the consequences of such division in the home.

Image by Sandro Cenni
Image by Anthony Choren

TV Review: Versailles (Season 2, Episode 1)

The National Student, April 2017

Versailles returns to our screens and is as opulent and delicious as ever, indulging in all things scandalous and promising audiences scenes of sex and murder on every corner. 

Why you need to check out Magnificent Century on Netflix

The National Student, November 2016

Magnificent Century is a new addition to Netflix, with its first season premiering last week. Anyone who loves a cheeky Eastenders episode or can’t resist a good old historical drama will find the perfect combination of both in this Turkish programme.

Image by Fatih Yürür
Beautiful old theatre

Review: Mental at the Vault Festival

The Edge Magazine, February 2017

Kane Power’s one-man show exhibits the power of theatre as a platform to discuss mental illness.

A heart-wrenching story, it both educates and entertains, leaving the audience more aware of the world around them.

Studying Abroad Week: The key lessons I learned while on my year abroad 

Wessex Scene, December 2017

The idea of living abroad seems good in theory, but rather strange in practice. There is a language barrier, a new university to attend, and of course, a new and unique way of doing things. You try and prepare as best you can, yet the truth is you’ll never really know until you’ve moved.

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